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Who are Educated Beards?

Our goal is to provide the best premium beard grooming products available in the world.
100% natural and organic.

A little more about Kevin: 


          Proudly Canadian... from serving and protecting my country for 12 years, including a tour in Afghanistan to hunting and fishing Canada's magnificent wilderness and lakes. Kevin and his family live an organic lifestyle which includes yoga, meditation, and choosing organic and healthy options whenever possible.

The name Educated Beards came from the amount of research that was put behind every ingredient.


This company is co-owned and operated by a holistic nutritionist (Alicia Phillips) and a Canadian Armed Forces Combat Veteran (Kevin Leboeuf).  

Alicia who is a Yoga instructor,

Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist was very worried about the "crap" Kevin was applying to his beard and skin. After doing some research most of the products on the market were not safe for Kevin or our son. So with Alicia's background and knowledge of all natural & organic ingredients, we did a pile more of research and we were able to come up with some pretty neat concoctions, tested products on Kevin and his friends for months before knowing what was best. We were also able to test the products on Alicia as she is very allergic to scent and has very sensitive skin. This was a perfect team effort.


Every essential oil used has a specific benefit, the same goes for our carrier oils, We only use the highest quality ingredients in the world. Local and fair trade when available. Educated Beards is a perfectly fitting name as we want to bring awareness to you and your body. 60-70% of everything applied to our body gets absorbed into our bloodstream so why cheap out on a subpar product.  


It all began with making products for Kevin, trial and error for months before perfecting the formulation. Friends asked if they could have some and friends of friends.


So we decided it was time to make a brand. Educated Beards began, the same high-quality premium product for you that was originally perfected for Kevin.   

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