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December 6, 2017

As you may have noticed the beard is now in style, but is it really a style or a way of life? Is it a way to express yourself? Does it show how virile you are? Or is it just history repeating itself ?


If we look back almost a century ago, the beard was worn by mostly every man, it was a pride and a sign of power. Over the time the beard has lost its elegance and meaning. Prior to WW2 the majority of men wore beards. Men that joined the military had to cut their beards off due to the need to wear gas masks, as they got back from war, women loved the look of strong men that fought for their country. All these men had a clean shaved face. It was perceived that men that were stronger, braver and heroic were shaved. So the image of the beard became men that didn't go to war aka cowards. Many men even if never enrolled in the military shaved their beards off to be part of the "new" look.

If we look back in history even more, very powerful and knowledgable men had a beard. Although now we have better resources to maintain our beards and better products with the education to back them up. This means you can grow a beard but make sure to keep it tidy and don't let it get out of control. You can look professional without having to shave. Many men say they don't have the money required to nurture their beards and to keep them looking stunning and well groomed. But they don't take in consideration the prices of blades, shaving cream and the time required to keep their faces shaved. The price of razors is completely insane nowadays. You can maintain a good looking beard for almost the same price as running a razor daily. If you have a close to skin beard all you need is beard oil, which will keep your skin and hair moisturized. If your beard is a little longer you probably need the combination of beard oil and beard balm. Beard balm will provide some moisturization but will also give you more control for styling your beard.    


Bonus about growing a beard, research proves that women are in fact more attracted to men with beards as their jaws are perceived as larger which signals dominance and sexual maturity. Keep in mind that women are also usually attracted to well dressed and well put together men, so don't let your beard get out of control. Lots of guys just care for the hair on their heads and forget to put effort into their facial hair.  Because beards are one of the first things that gets noticed, the condition of your beard is a crucial part of your image, this is a major reason why you must not disregard its upkeep.





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