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Choosing The Right Beard Product Company.

December 19, 2017

Do you know what you’re really buying? Are you getting the products you think you're getting? Are large companies hiding harmful chemicals in your products?Have you heard of parabens?




PARABENS are terrible for us. They are man made chemicals commonly used to preserve foods, cosmetics, drinks, and in pharmaceuticals. The names that they go by are ethylparaben, aremethylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben. Often, more than one paraben is used in the preserving of a single product.


Now you’re asking yourself, what is so bad about paraben? Well they are terrible for both men and women. As they are most commonly found in cosmetics, they are absorbed directly through the skin.by the skin. Parabens can mimic estrogen, the primary hormone naturally produced by the female body. If you increase estrogen above normal levels, it can result in a whole bunch of issues in both men and women. For instance, prepubescent girls may menstruate earlier as a result of overexposure to parabens. Traces of parabens have also been found in breast cancer tissue, leading scientists to believe that it is a huge cause for breast cancer. 


For men, well it doesn't get any better. Parabens mess up the reproductive system. They also damage DNA and accelerate skin aging in both men and women. We then go out and buy anti-wrinkle creams or other cosmetics that lead to this very issue.... 


Hiding ingredients by using key words. Stay away from anything fragranced or perfumed as those are indications that scream PARABEN. The reason for this is, companies don't have to indicate what ingredients are in the fragrances as they are considered proprietary. It is a legal way to hide whatever they want in the product without you knowing. ISN'T THIS INSANE ? Another scary thing is that Canada has no restriction against the use of parabens. International controls are far more stringent that those put in place by the Canadian government. It is hard to imagine why Health Canada would not be better protecting its citizens. 


Lets look at how companies get away with choosing the right wording to make their products appear “all natural”. Many companies claim their products are NATURAL even if they contain 99% chemicals and only 1% natural ingredients. Unfortunately they can still label them as NATURAL products because they do contain natural ingredients, just not necessarily as much as you’d expect.


If you're looking for good quality products, make sure to look for labels that have the fewest amount of ingredients in them, and make sure ingredients such as fragrance or perfume are not listed. Look for organic options as those are better regulated. 


Stay tuned to Educated Beards, as in the new year we are coming out with a new line. ALL ORGANIC! They will come at a premium price due to the price of quality organic ingredients. This does lead to a much superior quality product. Have you bitten into a organic tomato vs a commercially grown one? For one, the shape and colours aren't the same, but the flavour is where you notice the most difference. The same applies to products. When we buy organic we support the organic lifestyle, which pays the farmer and creates more demand. For every dollar we spend it's as if we are casting a vote for more organic options.  


So don't be fooled by big advertising. Don’t spend your hard earned money on products that pretend to be all natural but are not. Read labels


- Live The Educated Lifestyle.








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