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5 Easy Ways To Increase The Quality Of Your Beard.

December 12, 2017

Is your beard not quite at its fullest potential? Try these 5 simple things to increase the quality of your beard.





1) Reduce Stress


Theres lots of stress in everyones lives, society has made it seem like it's the norm to always be going at a constant high pace. Everything is instant, the power of technology is great but also has its downfalls. Privacy isn't so common anymore, for example; with social media and getting access to everyone with the tip of your thumbs. Take time for yourself to be present and try not to get distracted by everything. This simple step is extremely hard to accomplish as we live in a world where there's constant stimulation and entertainment.


When was the last time you sat in a waiting area and didn't pull out your phone?

Joining the gym is a great idea for some but this has also a lot of distraction.


Try meditation, I used to not be able to sit down for more then 28sec before needing to do something. Head Space is an app that helped me so much with meditation, it has a different way of explaining things and changing prospectives on ways of thinking. Yoga!! again many "males" are against yoga, try it before talking negative about it. Many benefits come from yoga, control of breathing, returning to the roots of body movement. Many of us sit at a desk all day, then drive home, sit at the dinner table, go lay on couch, shower and go to bed. When was the last time you laid flat on the floor on your back or even on your stomach for that matter? As children we did all these movements and our bodies didn't hurt so much. TRY IT,  YOU WON'T REGRET IT. A added bonus to joining yoga class is Yoga Pants, make sure to set up in the back of the class tho. Look for studios like Moksha, if you're someone who travels for work as they have 77 locations throughout the world all under the same membership. 



2) Eat Clean


This doesn't mean have a bath while eating pizza. Theres a bunch of stuff that is good for your skin and health. If you have healthy skin and a healthy eating habit this means your increasing the health of your hair and beard too. Foods like fish and oysters contain a tremendous amount of zinc. The bonus is they are amazingly delicious too, have oyster night once every couple weeks.


Try eating a plant based diet as this will increase your overall health too. For more info on what to eat and why check out this Complete Body Nutrition blog, they always have a ton of new information.  Stay posted I'll be writing a blog about this as this is a massive subject. 



3) Don't Pick At Your Beard

We all do it, we find a small spot on our beard and we just go to it without even noticing. The thing is, that the more you pick at that certain spot in your hair, the more it will start falling out making that area even more noticeable. If you catch yourself going to pick at an area instead use your whole hand to cup the outside of your beard and stroke it downwards. This way it won't put strain onto one particular area of your beard. Another tip would be to carry a comb with you, when you have the urge of touching your beard run a comb through it. This will help you control the desire to touch it.  Try not to run your comb into your beard when it's dry, apply a small amount of beard oil. Another thing that helps is styling your beard. If you've groomed your beard well you won't want to touch it as it is set in its place and you'll be less tempted to touch it.



4) Use Quality Beard Products


The hair on your face will grow without anything done to it, but will do a lot better if you supply it with the nutrients it needs. Your face needs to be moisturized and clean to promote a healthier hair growth. Have a daily care routine, doing something every day will become a habit and it will get done automatically without thinking. Shower first thing in the morning, wash your beard, be sure to NOT use the same shampoo as the one for your scalp, as those tend to usually dry out your skin and most of them have a ton of chemicals that aren't great for your skin. Opt for 100% natural products, make sure it states 100% natural as even if a product has 99% chemical and has 1% natural the label can state natural product. Check out our shampoo without any chemicals, nor parabens, only 100% natural. Our shampoo also helps with reducing stress and anxiety due to the grapefruit essential oil and bergamot essential oil. After a shower be sure to use a beard oil, again 100% natural is best. Once oil is applied it is important to use a brush (boar hair brush is best), this will stimulate the skin and also remove any dead skin cells. This will stimulate the skin causing to blood rushes to the area causing the oils to seep in better. The reasons our beard oil contains peppermint essential oil are 1) it soothes the skin and makes it feel cool and refreshed, 2)  is it's a hair growth promoter. Once this is completed I love finalizing the shaping of my beard with a taming balm, this takes little time and gives it a nice hold in place.  Put a small amount in the palm of hand and rub hands together to get it warm into a liquid form. Apply in a downward motion all over your beard. Run a comb downwards through your beard to get everything into place. You can perfect your look with a moustache wax which has a much greater hold strength then the balm.  Repeat daily, only wash beard 3-4 times a week. (check out our ingredients page for the benefits of each ingredients we use)



5) Patience 

Guys! A beard takes a while to grow, leave it alone and let it do its own thing. Use the simple steps above to promote its optimal state. Just keep in mind that a beard grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month. It takes persistence, dedication and a patience. This comes back to the first point, where we get everything we want with the tips of our thumbs. We are so spoiled with everything in life that we forget that good things take time. Keep up with it and soon you'll realize that your beard is really healthy and at the point where you want it to be.









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