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Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

January 16, 2018

Almost every day I get a question similar to this "Should I use oil or balm on my beard?"




So you're tired of itching and you just want to shave off that thing growing on your face. Rest assured that growing a beard isn't and shouldn't be painful. It's great when you take care of it and help it stay moisturized. The fact is, your face isn't getting as much moisture as it used to when it was exposed. This means you must add moisturization to it. There are 2 ways of doing that. Oils and balms. 


Lets first look at what the difference is between both. The ingredients for both create the same growth activating desire. To be honest theres not much of a difference between oil and balm, only a few that I will expand on. I recommend the following as a rule of thumb to my costumers. If your beard is less then 1inch you can get away with beard oil only, but once it sticks off your face 1inch+  you should use a combination of oil and balm. If you're on a tight budget use balm alone but isn't optimal. Growing a beard requires time, care and money. If you apply all these you will have a really nice beard.


Oil will moisturize hair and face, remove itch and provide nutrients necessary to have healthy skin and beard. Oil will also provide a shine giving the appearance of a well taken care beard. 









Balm will provide the same as oil but in addition to providing a nice shine it will also control those crazy hairs. So if you have a long beard this is the product for you. Using balm in the morning will give you the ability to control those wild hairs and adding oil to it during the day will keep it healthy, moisturized and remove itch. 




My daily routine consists of shower, I wash my beard every few days. Make sure to use a shampoo that won't dry out your face. Shampoos intended for your scalp are terrible to use on your face. Checkout ours free from chemicals, parabens, dyes, perfumes shampoo. Once my face / beard is clean, I pat down dry my beard, DO NOT tug / aggressively rub towel against your beard. Only pat dry.


 With my pores still open from  the hot shower, it allows the products to be absorbed better. I put 3-4 drops of oil in my hands and rub them together, then I gently run it through my beard and skin. With a boar hair brush I brush downwards, this creates 2 things. 1) It removes any dead skin cells and 2) it aggravates the skin a tad rushing blood to the surface. This allows oil to activate better with your skin/body. The ingredients in our oil also promotes hair growth which is a great added bonus. 


I finish off with a small amount of beard balm. This gives me control over my beard and lets me style it to the desired shape. I accomplish that with a beard comb, again in a downwards motion. During the day I will add oil to my beard as required. This will allows it to stay moisturized and also smell great throughout the day. If you have any more questions on what can help you grow a better beard please get in contact with us.

- Live The Educated Lifestyle   






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