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Major Reasons To NOT Support Sandalwood Products

January 9, 2018

Educated Beards will not only provide premium quality products but will also make sure we aren't harming the planet doing so.



The smell of sandalwood is great we can't deny that, but with all the demand and the attention its been getting from the beard grooming product industry, well actually, from cosmetic industry. It is on the list of endangered species. 


Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood on the market nowadays. The African Blackwood is the most expensive. Both those trees are seek after due to the oil it produces and the scent it creates, a scent that has been highly valued for centuries. The reason for it to be more expensive is the reason i'm taking the time to write a blog about it. Because of its high demand this exact species of tree is on the way to become extinct. These trees take a long time to grow and in the past century we have been cutting more and more of them. They have now been controlling the cut of these trees but many of them are cut illegally.


To be able to produce the oil the tree must grow for a minimum of 15 year. Since this tree is extremely valuable they don't cut it at the trunk, they completely remove it and use every part of it to make oil with it. There used to be many types of sandalwood. These trees are found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and other Pacific Islands. Hawaii had 3 types of Sandalwood which were known for its high quality (they also have a 4th but was never used). Between 1790 and 1825 trees were over-harvested to the point of almost extinction. They are still rare to find to this day.  


Australia is one of the biggest producers of sandalwood. Due to its high cost many illegal trades happen are up and rising. Since sandalwood is a very demanded ingredient, man has started creating synthetic alternative that replicates the fragrance of authentic sandalwood, known by the name of Isobornyl cyclohexanol. There are many species of plants and trees similar to sandalwood, "bastard sandalwood" sold under the sandalwood name tho they loose their aromas within months/year. If you're truly looking for authentic sandalwood look for S. album (sandalwood), this is the real deal. But remember this tree is rare, over harvested and will be extinct within years if we don't slow down the demand for it. 


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