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Why Do We Use Glass Bottles For All Our Products?

January 23, 2018

Many companies use whatever is cheaper and don't think about the consequences. We try to be as environmentally conscious as possible plus there are other health benefits to glass bottles vs other materials.  



Let's look at why many companies would rather use plastic over glass. First, plastic is a lot cheaper to purchase than any other material out there. Glass is a lot more fragile than plastic and is also much heavier so shipping and packaging costs more. Companies try to reduce cost on items and shipping to maximize profits but at Educated Beards we believe theres more to life then just making money, we want to provide the best healthy quality products and also help the planet live longer.


Have you asked yourself why do companies use amber (brown) bottles? Many of the companies won't even know why they use what they use, they just copy each other and tell you that their products will make you a man. Here are some of the many reasons why we use glass amber bottles.



Essential oils are used in many beard products to add scents, but keep in mind that most of these oils also provide aromatherapy and may have medicinal benefits or contradictions. (this is a whole topic of its own which will be covered in upcoming blogs).  Essential oils are very powerful and potent therefore if stored in a container which isn't glass can easily leach plastic into the product and onto your skin. Skin is our largest organ and absorbs 60% of what is put on it. You wouldn't eat plastic so why would you let it be absorbed into your body?  Another reason why amber is better than any other colour glass, is that it protects from UV rays which leads to product deterioration. UV rays destroy the health benefits these oils provide; therapeutic and aromatic. Have you ever noticed beer is stored in amber bottles? Ever noticed that beers that are stored in clear bottles usually taste skunky? That is because UV rays create photo-oxidization, this means the components of the product are changed by the sunlight. 



Plastic bottles take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfill and are chemically made by man. Glass is created by an abundance of natural ingredients found on earth. The thing about glass bottles is when they are recycled they can be made back into a glass bottle they don't loose their integrity vs plastic which when recycled can't be made into another plastic bottle.



Other types of bottles include stainless steel, aluminum, etc. These are also used in packaging of beard products, yet again they come with some disadvantages. Many of these

packages are lined with plastic to prevent aluminum exposure which is proven to be a cause for Alzheimer's. Even though you are buying a metal container it leads again to plastic in many cases. Stainless steel containers are usually mixed with aluminum and even if it's not, stainless steel on its own leaches chromium, nickel and iron.  



For us it was a no brainer to go with all glass throughout our brand. We want to provide a healthy product for you but also for the earth.  


- Live The Educated Lifestyle   






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