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Could My Beard Products Be Harmful For My Children?

January 9, 2018


There's so many beard grooming product companies available today. But how to choose the right one?

This small guide might help.






1) Do you know the benefits of every ingredient, or you just assume it's good as you've seen it in other products? 


Take the time to do your own research, don't only read from beard product sites, search on well established sites about what the benefits are for each ingredients listed in the beard product you are buying/own. 


2) Are the premium quality products better?


As a rule of thumb they are, but you never know, look for superior quality carrier oils such as Argan oil or Jojoba oil, these two oils are pretty expensive. If they are listed first on your beard oil and not many other ingredients are used you have a superior quality oil/product. Make sure ingredients such as fragrances, perfumes aren't part of the listed ingredients as companies usually tend to hide chemicals in this secret ingredient. For more info check out our

blog on parabens.




4) Does the company have knowledge ? Schooling ?


Many companies throw ingredients together and call it

"the manliest of mankind beard oil". (no offence to any companies). Beard products aren't suppose to make you more "manly". Lets face it guys, they are cosmetics that have an added bonus. They are meant to be a product that control and style your beard which also has benefits for your skin and hair, only if the right ingredients are used. At Educated Beards we believe that our research was achieved as we had consulting with a holistic nutritionist, although it isn't their direct domain they have quite an elaborate knowledge about natural products and the benefits of each. They also informed us that some products cannot be crossed with others as it neutralizes some benefits.  



5) Why are premium products so expensive?


Superior quality ingredients are expensive. Since they are natural without any chemicals the shelf life is less. This means only small batches of products can be made at a time. Paying for top quality grooming products is an investment in your self care, this allows you to look good and the result will automatically make you feel better. Some essential oils have the benefit of decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, it promotes energy that stimulates the brain. For example our Awakening Beard Shampoo creates that effect with bergamot and grapefruit essential oil. Wouldn't those results be great for a morning shower? Start your morning fresh, relaxed and less anxious? 




6) Are all all-natural products good?


Again it comes down to research, many companies will use essential oils that are great for skin care but many of us using beard products don't think about the potential hazard behind some ingredients such as; Eucalyptus essential oil, yes it has great properties although it can be dangerous for infants and children up to 10 years old ,same goes for tea tree oil applies to fur babies too) . Since the oil is on our face, infants are directly exposed to those natural toxins when you're holding them. Another thing about tea tree oil is, that its a natural disinfectant which is true, although it does dry out the area it is applied to. We want to keep our beards moisturized preventing them from getting dry because that will promote itch and dry skin leading to dandruff.


All natural products are great but they must be used for the right purpose. Better then that is all organic. Stay tuned with Educated Beards as we have a 100% Organic line coming out in the near future.   


-Live The Educated Lifestyle



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